Mythos And Heroes

This essay is on two books (or audiobooks if you listen to them as I did) that are all about Greek mythology. They are by Stephen Fry. The books are Mythos, and Heroes. The first book is all… Read More

Camp Jupiter Classified Book Report(spoilers)

I would rate ‘camp Jupiter classified’ ?????❌(5/6 tridents).the reason for the first two tridents is humor. There were a lot of funny jokes in it. Like in chapter VII(7) Claudia wrote: punishments ranged from getting extra chores to… Read More

A Letter from Prometheus

Dear Deucalion, I am sending you this message to thank you for keeping away the eagle that is picking my organs and for trying to break my chains. Why I was disobeying Zeus was because I was wanting… Read More


Justice is unfair. People who have different status and power for instance Donald Trump he isn’t good but he has a whole lot of power and if me and Donald Trump did the same bad his punishment would… Read More

An Archaeological Dig

Today is an awesome day! I get to go to an archaeological dig with Carter, Miss Throckmorton, Desjardins, and (ughh) Akhenaton. We headed to a place where rumor said that there was a hidden temple under rubble just… Read More

My Visit to Mt. Olympus

Dear Jack, I had such a fun time at Mount Olympus. I wish you were there. First I got a letter from Zeus telling me to go to the Empire State building and if I pressed the emergency… Read More