Mythos And Heroes

This essay is on two books (or audiobooks if you listen to them as I did) that are all about Greek mythology. They are by Stephen Fry. The books are Mythos, and Heroes. The first book is all… Read More

Camp Jupiter Classified Book Report(spoilers)

I would rate ‘camp Jupiter classified’ ?????❌(5/6 tridents).the reason for the first two tridents is humor. There were a lot of funny jokes in it. Like in chapter VII(7) Claudia wrote: punishments ranged from getting extra chores to… Read More

Virtual Reality vs. Real Schools

I am Meyer Van Wye. As I’m writing this down there is an emergency, the coronavirus. As many people will tell you, all of the physical schools in the world were closed to stop the spreading of the… Read More

The Hobbit

The Hobbit Question

The Hobbit Question There is a subjective question which is, “What is better, being at home where there is lots of love, comfort and joy or to fight causes like fighting Hittler or the coronavirus.” People who get… Read More