Camp Jupiter Classified Book Report(spoilers)

I would rate ‘camp Jupiter classified’ ?????❌(5/6 tridents).the reason for the first two tridents is humor. There were a lot of funny jokes in it. Like in chapter VII(7) Claudia wrote: punishments ranged from getting extra chores to being banished in a sewn bag with angry weasels.

The next two tridents was character. Claudia seems like a kind, smart, cunning, mischievous girl.

The last two tridents is story. Usually for Rick Riordan books, I give 2 tridents for story but for this I only give one. There’s usually a big climax around the end but the “final battle” it went something like this: “she came outside. I dropped the net on her. Then she slipped on the death balls and fell in the trench. Janice pulled the keystone and the arch fell on her.” I was expecting a bigger battle like in the serpents shadow, or in the blood of Olympus.


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  1. Your site is so impressive, Meyer. Every so often I return…just to see what you may have added since my last visit.

    I do miss seeing and being with you, but am much appreciative for your phone calls.

    My love to you and your dad…Clyde, too.

    Love, Papa Al

  2. Sounds good! I’m reading the 1st Magnus Chase (another Rick Riordan book; they’re the best), and it’s pretty good. I think I’ll check out this one next.

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