Justice is unfair. People who have different status and power for instance Donald Trump he isn’t good but he has a whole lot of power and if me and Donald Trump did the same bad his punishment would be less severe and harsh than mine and that isn’t fair, and if Hades was a pauper and stole Persephone of course he would be punished, but he isn’t in fact he’s one of the most powerful important strong Gods. Kings and queens can go and steal anybody’s daughter or son if they want because nobody can be like “ hey you stole my daughter I’m telling the King oh wait you’re The king”.

Most of you said that Persephone shouldn’t stay with Hades at all because he kidnapped her. Michael said that it was a fair compromise. Persephone didn’t have the choice to be free she had the choice to stay with Hades 1/4 of the year or be with Hades forever. Since Hades has so much power he could’ve said that Persephone had to live with him forever but he was very compromising at the moment so he gave her the Choice to only spend 1/4 of year with him. Who is the bad guy in this story? Was is it Zeus? or is it Demeter?or is it Hades?or is it Persephone? or is it The society that people with more powerful status and power have different rules? The Greeks believe that is ok for a very rich person to go and steal our daughter or son and get away with it clean. Do you want today to be like that or not to be like that? Because if you did then let’s say you had some most amazing daughter or son and a king or queen or president just went and took your daughter or son away. And if you didn’t then let’s say a king or queen or president did took away then who would be there to decide what the punishment would be? So those are my thoughts thank you very much.

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