An Archaeological Dig

Today is an awesome day! I get to go to an archaeological dig with Carter, Miss Throckmorton, Desjardins, and (ughh) Akhenaton. We headed to a place where rumor said that there was a hidden temple under rubble just south from the pyramids of Giza. 

We taped off the place where the hidden temple could be. We also made a map of the possibilities of the temple. Carter did the Ha-di spell. Then Desjardins used magic to take out the gravel. Akhenaton brought along a few slaves and made them clear off the rubble. Miss Throckmorton and I simply dug. Eventually we had dug everywhere. Eventually as time passed by, it was getting late and I would have to leave soon. But as we were packing up our supplies and shovels I felt like I shouldn’t give up yet so I went to one side and just dug and I hit something hard. I kept on digging and I found an old iron box. 

I quickly called over the rest of the team. Together we opened the iron box. Inside the iron was a bronze box. Inside of that was a sycamore box. It went on and on. Ebony, ivory, silver. Inside the silver box was a box of gold. As we opened it, light flooded out from everywhere. Hieroglyphs danced all around us and inside the box was a book. The cover was covered in shiny gold and little bits and pieces of the rarest crystals. There was also an amulet attached to a drawing of a scarab beetle in the middle. The book was titled in hieroglyphs, Greek, and English: The Book of Thoth. 

“Let me have it. It would make a beautiful collection in my museum!” exclaimed Miss Throckmorton. “Be quiet you mortal! After all, I am the chief lector of the House of Life. I should have The Book of Thoth,” snapped Desjardins. “Don’t talk to me like that, young boy!” Miss Throckmorton shrieked. “I am not a young boy!” “You just want to destroy it! Since me and Sadie have already used The Book of Thoth we don’t need it,” said Carter. 

“Yeah, after all I am the pharaoh. The Book of Thoth would make my City of the Horizon so magnificent with such power.” Akhenaton yelled. “You shouldn’t have it either. Your destroying the worship of all of the gods except the god you made called (ugh) Aton.” exclaimed Carter. “Don’t say that to me! I am the pharaoh!” barked Akhenaton. “Well maybe you were the pharaoh, three thousand three hundred fifty-five years ago! I’m the pharaoh now.” Carter said. 

Things were getting out of control. I spoke up and said, “Wait? Could I please look at The Book of Thoth?” Carter handed it to me. I looked at the pages. “The Book of Thoth is a spell book containing two spells. If you speak the first spell you will enchant the sky above and the earth below. That will make you understand every creature and summon fishes. If you read the second spell you will be able to see the sun shine and the moon rise and the gods themselves. Even if you’re in the land of the dead! It—” 

I was cut off by Miss Throckmorton. “Then let’s read the spell!” Miss Throckmorton shouted. “No! We should not read the spell. If we do we will have the curse of Thoth!” I yelled. “We should give it to Dad. He’ll give it to Thoth,” said Carter. Everybody seemed fine with that so Carter took the Book of Thoth and dropped the book and it disappeared. 

A few days later I got a thank you letter and a small box. I opened the box and inside was—(sadly the rest of this page was burned off. Some dust motes were all around the entry.) 

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