My Visit to Mt. Olympus

Dear Jack,

I had such a fun time at Mount Olympus. I wish you were there.

First I got a letter from Zeus telling me to go to the Empire State building and if I pressed the emergency speaker and said a special password a whole nother panel would appear and I if I pressed the very top button I would get to Mount Olympus.So I did as I was told. I thought that the elevator would just lead me to Olympus’s grounds but I was not expecting that the moment I stepped out of the elevator, I fell about 1 foot into this small little pod that closed and it flew off. Color was racing past me. I was going faster than light, literally. As I was going straight, really fast all of a sudden my stomach hit around my back because it immediately zoomed up. And then just after my stomach was getting used to the feeling of going up really fast it stopped and my stomach flew up. Then the pod opened and out of it was the most beautiful place ever!

There were beautiful gardens and animals and all over next to me and right ahead it was the one and only mount Olympus main hall. As I was looking around the garden I ran into a kid about my age. At first I didn’t recognize him but then I realized that he was the one and only Leo Valdez. I was so amazed. He seemed like he knew this place very well so I asked him, “Leo, how are you?  Hey, do you know any good places around here that I could see because this is my first time and I really am interested because this may be my only chance to see Mount Olympus plus whoever made this I am giving a five star review to them.” So he said, “Sure I’ll give you a tour around the gardens.” So he first showed me over to this place with a statue of each god and under it there was a animal.

“This,” he said, “is the gods resemblance. Each god wants to change form they can’t just do it on their own they have to have their statue put up on here. Also it lets them change into Roman or Greek forms or to multiply their forms. None of the gods can be able to do anything I listed without their statues here.” Then he showed me a place with different objects. “This,” he said, “is the the place where all sacred things are stored even if they appear to be on earth and have same strength back on earth. You could spend your whole life starting from when you were born and ending when you die looking through all of the names of the sacred items. For example, this is Thalia’s pinetree, this is the Golden fleece,and this is the…” Leo seemed sort of upset. I asked him, “Are you ok?” He said, “Yeah, it’s just that my favorite machine that I made, Festus, he got destroyed and this is the head of him.” I felt so bad asking so I said, “I am so sorry I never meant you to feel sad.” He shrugged and rubbed it off and just moved on.

After we got out of the courtyard we felt sort of hungry so we headed over to the main hall of Olympus to meet the other guests and to have some food. When I first went in, it is the best place ever! The ceiling was covered with many pictures of wars,god’s,and heros.

I was going to say  to Zeus how much I liked the decorations but when I looked there I was so surprised. I thought Zeus throne whould be chipped from flying sand and maybe a scar from Zeus’s lightning bolt when he hit his fist a bit to hard and that triggered the lightning bolt but it looked nothing like what I expected. Zeus’s throne was split into halves. One half of it was so good but the other half had re-bars which meant that Zeus’s throne was being rebuilt. I found out later that the person who was making Zeus’s throne was a girl named Annabeth, a daughter of Athena.

As I sat down for lunch Eros’ servant flew to me and gave me the menu. Here’s what it said:

Mount Olympus’s menu

Gods top choice: ambrosia soup
Little dices of ambrosia put into a tasty soup with plants picked fresh from Mount Olympus’s garden


  1. Python’s cannibalism plateA snake sausage of your choice of rattle snake, python or hydra
  2. Heracles tasksThis plate should be eaten for a whole family because it has 12 courses. For the first course you have Lion meat. For the next course you have a plate of snake meat. For the next course you have wild boar. Then you have a mixture of birds. Now you have some bison meat. Then some smoked lamb washed very well by nice clean rivers. Then Some very good fruit plate all organized as a beautiful necklace. Then you’ll have some pig meat. Then you’ll have some mouthwatering steak. Then you’ll have the apples of the hesperides. Finally you’ll have some nice fish.
  3. A God sacrificeMany different types of meat smoked in Iceland, Canada, and Mount Olympus.
  4. A regular meal for the gods Many different forms of ambrosia like ambrosia on a stick, diced ambrosia, and ambrosia covered food. 


  1. Nectar
  2. Water
  3. Soda
  4. Juice

I got the python’s cannibalism plate and the god sacrifice. And of course I got nectar to drink. The moment I bit into the food and sipped the drink, it tasted so good! It was like I was left all alone in the universe except the things that I loved most!

As I was walking out I ran into another kid and when I recognized him it was none other then Zachary Miller.

“Zee,” I said ,“ how are you. Do you have any advice for me about Mount Olympus because this is my first time.” “ah,” said Zee with a rather british dialect. “ each god has at least one hidden passageway in Mount Olympus. Take Zeus for an example, if you go over to the gods resemblance, if you pull down Zeus’s ear there will be a little microphone and if you say all of the gods names and their power and then you close the ear the ground under you will open and serve as a passageway back to earth. It’s very handy if there’s a problem in Mount Olympus and you have to escape.” “wow” I said. “Thank you so much I’ve read the book about you and your cousin, Charlotte and I thought you did a very good job exploring in the underworld and doing soccer.” “Thanks” he said.

Suddenly Hermes made an announcement from somewhere and he said “Heroes, if you would like to go into our year round big battle please go over to the main entrance and sign in your name. You might be disqualified heroes,.You will go against all of us gods but fairly. And you won’t have to worry about dying because you have the special life vest that will inflate right before you die so you can stay alive. That’s all and thanks.” That sounded pretty much worth doing. Hey, it may be my only time to enter the gods big battle.As I was entering, the papers were so weird with thousands of pictures of the monsters fighting the gods in the paper as if it were so many ancient scrolls put together. Here’s what the big battle was.was he going to the battle grounds and all of us where’s armor and we each get a magic weapon and a collector. If we attack and kill somebody with our magic weapon, and we activate the collector we collect their magic weapon and they’re out of the game. The goal is to kill everybody and get all of the weapons. Also let’s say Leo has five magic weapons and I have two, then if I killed him I get all of those five. At first I was rocking it. I was killing thousands of people even the gods but then finally somebody shot me with voltage even 

though I got Zeus out. It turned out that it was Zeus’s Roman form, Jupiter’s son,Jason who had gotten me out. Jason got a huge trophy where it said big battle winner but then all of the other participating demigods including me got a smaller trophy saying I participated in the big battle.

And then finally it was time to go. I thanked everybody including the demigods who helped the gods out somehow and said the hardest thing ever… and that was goodbye.

On the way back I felt something poking me in my pocket so I pulled it out and do you know what it was? It was a coin. On one side had the symbol of the last letter of the greek alphabet, omega but on the other side there was some greek writing but luckily I was in a demigod so I could read it. It said: “Use this coin to find the gateway of Mount Olympus. There will be a coin slot. Stick this coin in it and it will pop the same coin back to you so you could come to Mount Olympus forever.” Well after that my life was never the same. I spent almost every day playing in Mount Olympus, exploring the lost, and finding secret trap doors just like Zee mentioned.



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  1. Most engaging and original – and a great creative outlet for you, Meyer. Heartiest congratulations!

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