My advice for a non-boring apocalypse(Covid-19)

A lot of you kids must be bored with having to stay inside and do schoolwork (and maybe with chores but your parents call them schoolwork) and you just want to play outside with your friends. Sadly you won’t for about 4 more months. But I have many solutions! I’ll over time get this post way bigger so you’ll not run out of fun stuff! Take a look:

  1. This is the most important one. Helping others. It could be by talking to a bored friend on the phone or to give a parent a great big hug.
  2. You can play with your toys. For me that would be my Legos. You might have something else but that’s mine.
  3. You can draw something. You could draw a lightsaber or a Demigorgon.
  4. You can read! That is one of my favorites. Right now I’m on Lord of the Rings.
  5. *Some of you aren’t aloud to do this so please consult you parents. There is this good app called zombies run. It’s all about the zombie apocalypse and you listen to the clips as you run. I do this for my exercise. Also you will need to ask your parents to download the app and to allow for you to run outside*(thus mentioned in above). Click here.
  6. You could watch a good movie or TV show.
  7. You could listen to music.

So that’s it for right now. Hope you have fun!

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Meyer is having lots of fun even in the most dire times. His favorite pastimes are Running, Playing Legos, Coding, Reading, and making this website better.

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