A Letter from Prometheus

Dear Deucalion,

I am sending you this message to thank you for keeping away the eagle that is picking my organs and for trying to break my chains. Why I was disobeying Zeus was because I was wanting to help my people so I stole the sacred fire. Zeus was angry at me but then when he smelled the great burnt offerings from the sacred fire he felt good and he liked it. But I felt bad that they were sacrificing their best sheep or animals so I went and I asked the butcher to take a huge chicken and cut it into two parts the scraps and the meat. Then I went and put bones on meat.Then I went and covered the bones in Snow white fat. Then when Zeus came, of course he picked the snow white fat covered one. Then he found out that he was tricked.He was angry at me because I taught the humans that how to trick. He punished the mortals by sending a huge flood killing them all,and to punish me he put me in these unbreakable chains with the eagle to pick my organs.

Love, Dad

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