A special thanks to our Covid fighters.

We know times have been tough for all of us but it’s hardest to these people:

Doctors: They are risking there lives to save random people. That is true kindness.

Scientists: They are working as hard as they can to save the world. We should give them a big(Virtual) hug.

Police: (They aren’t fighting Covid but they should get this thanks.)For BLM(Black Lives Matter) Almost everybody is either in some ray(from just saying it to vandalizing it) Cops are horrible and awe need to get rid of them, and so on. But not all cops are bad. Try to think if you were a good police officer and this happened. You’d be hated for just being a Police officer. Don’t spread hate, spread love and peace.

Try to say thanks to someone. It could be a friend, parent, teacher, etc(). Try to make them feel very happy after you called them. And mean what you’re saying too. Stay safe,

Meyer Van Wye

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Meyer is having lots of fun even in the most dire times. His favorite pastimes are Running, Playing Legos, Coding, Reading, and making this website better.

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